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The Product

This product was one of my university final year projects and the brief was set by the 'RSA'. I was tasked to look at the relationship that we have with our local woodlands. My product aimed to help reintroduce families and people of all ages back into the woodlands that they may have forgotten existed.

About the Product

This eco-friendly outdoor game encourages families to venture outside, helping stimulate creativity. Studies show that 90% of the time we spend awake is spent inside and the other 10% is spent commuting either to work or to appointments. The aim of this game was to encourage you not to just walk through the parks and woodlands but to enjoy the time spent in them.


​Collecting a range of sticks and twigs found in nature is the first step to unlocking the wonders of your imagination. Then by using the spheres to join them all together you are able to create weird and wacky creations everyone can enjoy. 

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